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I love horses! I ride horses horse 4h and am riding with my Club! I am going to be riding at Fair, wish me luck!

Pop Quiz!

I also wanted to do some other fun stuff here, so, I thought POP QUIZ! So,here it is:

(1) What type of horse typically has spots on it’s body?

(a) Paint Horse

(b) Appaloosa

(c) Quarter Horse

(2) What are the 4 natural gaits of the horse?

(a) Walk, Trot, Canter, and Gallop

(b) Walk, Jog, Run, and Stepping Pace

(c) Rack, Stepping Pace, and Trot

(3) Final question: What horse is a popular carriage horse?

(a) Hackney Pony

(b) Arabian

(c) Quarter Horse


(1) (b)

(2) (a)

(3) (a)


Lovin’ It!

Say, you like a certain food, like maybe raw fish or something, and your friends say you are weird for that. That is just mean! Well, you need to stand up for yourself and tell them strait to the face that you like certain things they don’t like, but that doesn’t make you weird.


Contsests 4 Fun!

Hi! I am actually doing monthly contests on here! I have a list of contests on here, you vote on one, the one with the most votes will be the one I use. Who ever wins will be named “May’s Most Interesting Person” and I will link their blog into the placing announcements, and same with the months to come!

Vote for one of these contests:

(1) Joke Contests

(2) Song Contests

(3) Guess the Animal’s Name

(4) Name the Movie Character

(5) Name the Song


(Just put the number of the contest you like best in the comments!)